Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Less Publicity-A flop album

To bear and foster up a musical album up to the zenith of success, promotion and publicity play profound role and without it, musical career sleeps like a skeleton. We have witnessed many such artists who have sunk their hard-worked musical album deep down the ocean of failure. No matter how genuine the artist's work is, promotional package should be effectual. Kishan Gurung realized the fact only after 10 years, from his initial involvement in the band ‘The Blue Gums’ to his second album ‘Mela’ after the first album ‘Juneli’ got super flopped.

With the tag of 1st Runner up in a musical contest organized in his hometown (Damauli) through the judgement made by Karna Das and Deepak Thapa, he and his band were very motivated. His band did not continue but Kishan came to Kathmandu and recorded an album. The new environment of the capital city made it harder for him resulting in failure, mainly due to less promotion of the album. Due to which, Kishan turned out to be a jobless chap in 2062 and flew to Malaysia looking for work and earning. Working at Japanese company in Malaysia fulfilled his financial requirement and he also go to continue his love for music as his company let him go to the studio after 12 hours of work. 7 of the songs from his new album ‘Mela’ are recorded in Malaysia and the last 8th song is recorded at ‘Doremi Sangeet Paathshala’ after his return to Nepal. A new music video has been shot for the song ‘Gajalu’ and the album is marketed by ‘Yuva Records’.

He expereiencd that the recording system and quality are similar in both the countries. Only difficulty was the language but he managed it well. Realizing the importance of publicity, Kishan is all round not to let anything miss this time. He has already publicized his new album through his musical performances in Swayambhu, Pokhara, Narayanghargh, Sarlahi. Coming Sunday, he will present himself at ‘Rastriya Naach Ghar’ to perform in the middle of a talent show.

We are impressed Kishan; success should not be that far now.

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