Monday, December 29, 2008

Maoists have lost credibility, says Sushil

Acting Nepali Congress president Dr Sushil Koirala today said his party did not believe that the accord reached between CPNMaoists and CPN-UML to dissolve the paramilitary structure of the Young Communist League and to return the seized properties to the owners could ever bear fruit.

Addressing a press meet organised by the Press Union Tanahun in Damauli today, Koirala said the Maoists could not be believed as they have been flouting the commit ments made by them. "Their commitments in the paper are different from what they actually practice," he added. Commenting on the recent attacks on different media houses, Koirala said only dictators attacked the press.

"The Nepali Congress always stands for democracy," Koirala said, adding that the NC embarked on its awareness programme to inform people about the wrongdoings of the government.

Responding to a query on delay in statute drafting, he said, "The Maoists, not the NC, are to be blamed for this."
Source: The himalayan Times

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Man killed in mishap

At least one person was killed and four injured in two separate accidents in Tanahun district in the last two days.

Lakchhu Ranabhat, 18, a helper of a tractor, died while undergoing treatment in Setiganga Community Hospital, Dulegaunda.

Ranabhat was hit by the tractor today while it was heading to Dhundure from Dulegaunda, said District Police Office, Tanahun.

According to the police, the tractor driver has been arrested.

Meanwhile, four health work ers of Besisahar based Meri Stops Clinic, a family planning centre, were injured when a Pokhara-bound jeep carrying equipment from Besisahar met with an accident at Ghanshikuwa last evening.

The driver has been arrested, according to the police.

The injured health workers are Laxman Thapa, 26, of Tanahusur, Deu Maya Gurung, 20, of Syangja, Rupama Shrestha, 19, of Bhaktapur-5, and Santa Bahadur Bhandary.

Laxman Thapa is undergoing treatment in Pokhara-based Manipal Teaching Hospital while the rest were discharged after first aid.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Students,elderly hurt

Two students were in jured when a Pokhara-bound bus met with an accident in Tanahun's Aabukhaireni-5 on Thursday morning. Ganga Sharma, 14, and Gaurav Budhathoki, 12, were injured as the bus lost its control owing to the dozing driver, Som Thapa, police inspector at Aabukhaireni Area Police Office said. The bus was ferrying students of Rupandehi-based Evergreen English Boarding School for an excursion. Separately, 72-year-old Lokmaya Rana, a resident of Jamune-7, was injured when a bus heading to Damauli from Pokhara hit her the same morning. Rana is learnt to have been undergoing treatment at Damauli hospital.

Source:The Himalayan Times

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

मानवअधिकार दिवसको अवसरमा शान्ति र्‍याली

६० औं विश्व मानवअधिकार दिवसको अवसरमा तनहँुको दमौलीमा बुधबार शान्ति र्‍यालीको आयोजना गरिएको छ । तनहँुमा क्रियाशिल मानवअधिकार संघ संस्थाको आयोजनामा सम्पन्न सो र्‍यालीमा मानवअधिकारकर्मीहरु, नागरिक समाजका प्रतिनिधि, सञ्चारकर्मी, अपाङ्गता भएका ब्याक्तिहरु, र स्कुले विद्यार्थीको सहभागिता रहेको थियो । प्ले कार्ड सहितको र्‍याली दमौलीको अनशन चोकबाट शुरु भई दमौली बजार परिक्रमा गरि सोहि ठाँउमा आई कोण सभामा परिणत भएको थियो । कोण सभामा बोल्ने बक्ताहरुले मानवअधिकारको सम्मान र संरक्षण गर्न राज्य पक्ष जिम्मेबार हुनु पर्ने बताए ।

साथै उनीहरुले कब्जा गरिएकाको सम्पती फिर्ता हुुनु पर्ने, विस्थापितहरु स-सम्मान घर र्फकन पाउनु पर्ने र बेपत्ता पारिएका नागरिको अवस्था तुरुन्त र्सार्वजानिक गर्नु पर्नेमा जोड दिएका थिए । र्‍याली पछिको कोण सभालाई इन्सेक प्रतिनिधि प्रकाशचन्द्र भट्टर्राई र नेपाल मानवअधिकार संगठनका अध्यक्ष रामनाथ भट्टर्राईले सम्बोधन गर्नु भएको थियो ।

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Map of tanahun

Source: wikipedia

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Monday, December 8, 2008


Damauli, Dec. 4: The number of tourists rafting in Madi and Seti rivers has significantly risen. Ever since the beginning of November, tourists from the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Australia and other countries have been flocking here for whitewater rafting. Bhatira, situated at Byas Municipality-10, is the rafting starting point and the route ends at Gaighat of Narayangarh.


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