Thursday, July 31, 2008

1 killed and 23 injured

One person was killed and 23 were injured when a bus overturned after hitting an electric poll at Aanbukhaireni-5 on the Damauli-Muglin road this morning. The bus was heading to Kathmandu from Dang district. The Tanahun District Police Office identified the dead as Purna Bahadur Khadka (27) of Shreegaun village development committee-4, Dang.

Eleven critically-injured passengers are undergoing treatment in Bharatpur hospital, while others with minor injuries are being treated at a medical hall in Aanbukhaireni.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SIM cards distributed

Nepal Telecom office in Tanahun started distributing new SIM cards at Damauli today. A total of 5,200 applicants would be provided new SIM cards between July 30 and August 4, head of the NTC office Sunil Das Manandhar said.

“A total of 1,200 SIM cards were distributed to applicants today,” Manandhar said. Droves of people thronged to the office since early morning to get SIM cards. Remaining applicants would get SIM cards from August 9, the NTC office said. “We have requested for SIM cards and RIM cards, each 5,000 pieces, for distribution on August 9 and 10,” he said.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Students block Prithvi highway

Demanding the cancellation of the syndicate system and enforcement of the 45 per cent discount on transport fares to the students, students obstructed the Dumre Damauli section of the Prithvi highway today.

Obstructions were created at Damauli based main chowk. The agitating students brought traffic to a halt.

Tourists also remained stranded at Damauli.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Events on Damauli on 6th of shrawan

Tree plantation program was organized in Adikavi Bhanubhakta College on occasion of 26th BP Jayanti. 100 plants of Kapur were planted near the college. Chief guest of the program was congress district Chairman Ragunath Poudel.

Nepal Magar Union, Vyas Nagar and Nepal Magar Student Union, Tanahun jointly organized a musical program to collect the fund for a cancer patient, Suresh Rana. The amount collected was given to the gardians of cancer patient. In Press meet in Damauli organized by both union, said they give Rs. 58,920 to patient sister Shreekala Rana. Total amount collected on the program was Rs. 130, 564, and Rs. 72,144 was expense of the musical program.

I salute to both union for this noble cause. Thats why we are proud of being a people of damauli.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Exam boycotted

Students of Bachelor's 3rd year in Damauli based Adikabi Bhanubhakta Campus on Sunday boycotted the exam of optional English, saying that the questions were out of the syllabus. Some 28 students tore the question papers, vandalised furniture and asked to call for re-examination, campus chief Baikuntha Neupane said.

Source: The Himalayan Times, Gorkhapatra

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scholarship to HIV infected

Shrawan 2, Damauli. Sahayogi Samuha and Hoste Haise Baal Bikas Samaj awarded scholarship to the children of HIV infected people.
Childern recieving awards were of primary and lower secondary level.Chairman of the Tanahun Sahayogi Samuha said that Bags, copy, pen of Rs. 29,346 were distributed to 30 children.
Chief guest of the program was CDO Kasinath Marasini.

Gorkhapatrai(3rd Shrawan, 2065)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Commercial Banks in Damauli

After Machhapuchree Bank sucess in Damauli two other commerical banks started their service in Damauli. Sunrise Bank started its service two month ago and now Kumari Bank has started its service.

Machhapuchhre Bank has achieved great sucess in Damauli for last few year. Now, people in Damauli have different choices in banking. Hope these all bank will give good service to Damauli.

All Damauli people waiting for ATM service in Damauli, lets see which bank will provide us with this facility for first time in Damauli.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ace swimmer charts a different course

Sitaram Shahi, 38, a resident at Nepaltar of Vyas Municipality-6 in Tanahun, who was once the No. 1 swimmer of Nepal, claims he has been forced to turn to farming, as he did not get apporpraiate opportuinity in his field due to the negligenced of the state.

"There is no workd for me in my own field," Shahi laments.
"I had never imagined theat i will have to face such a fate," he adds.

He is dispappointed as the nation did not recognise his contribution and did not recoginze his contribution and did nothing to utilise his skills. Worse, he thinks he is losing his inclination and skill as a swimmer.
Shahi had a dream of becoming a trainer, but he was deprived of diong so "by a certain perosn at the helm."

Shahi began his swimming carreer in 1992 and was No 1 for 10 years from 1994. Shahi was involved in tracign and taking out the ill-fated jeep that had plunged into Trishuli along with then CPN-UML genral secretary Madan Kumar Bhandari and leader Jeevraj Ashrit some 15 years ago. He had represendted Nepal in Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

The medals and letters of appreciation he had received in the past don't mean anything to him now. He announced retirement from competitive swimming in 2007. He was replaced from the top slot by his brother, Pusparaj Shahi, in 2005. Pushparaj bettered Sitaram's national record of 1 minute and 14 seconds in 100m swimming by just a second. Sitaram had set the record in Madras in 1995.

Sitaram, who was with Nepal Army, quit the army in 2005. He laments that his achievement did not receive due recogintion.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Damauli In Images

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Call to resume air services to Palungtar

Locals have called for resumption of Palungtar airport located that has remained closed for the last 29 years. The airport located at the border of Lanjung, Gorkha and Tanahu was constructed in 1960 and a NAC plane had made the first flight to the airport in 1961. The airport was functional till 1979 before it was closed citing lack of air passengers after the opening of Prithvi Highway. The airport used to cater mainly to residents of Gorkha, Tanahu, Lamjung and Manang.

Source: Rastriya Samachar Samiti

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Nine hurt in mishap

Nine persons were injured when a bus heading to Kathmandu from Pokhara met with an accident at Kantar of Vyas Municipality-8 in Tanahun on (3rd July)Wednesday night. The condition of two injured is reportedly critical. Police have arrested bus driver Lekhnath Adhikari for investigation.

Source: 20th Asad, The Himalayan Times

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3,000 bones in student’s home

A student of Ranigaun in Byas municipality-3 has set up a museum showcasing bones in his home.

Prabesh Poudel,17, claims to have collected more than 3,000 bones of animals, including human bones.

He says he has collected human bones and that of dogs, buffaloes, oxen, mice, snakes, snails, elephants, pigs and stags. “I have kept their skulls, legs and other body organs in my sleeping room,” he said.

He said he had kept the bones in his sleeping room to prove that ghosts do not exist. “I began to collect bones after my dog died in 2006,” Prabesh added.

Jhalak, father of Prabesh and a science teacher in a secondary school, said he started helping his son collect bones after he realised his son’s deep interest in the subject and that the bones could be used for his science lessons.

Prabesh says he wants to expand his museum into a research centre and expects support from everyone interested. Prabesh passed SLC this year and aims to study science in the college.

Chief district officer Kashinath Marasini said keeping animal bones is illegal. Assistant forest officer Govinda Pandey also said keeping bones of rare animals is illegal.

“Keeping bones of elephants, rhinos, tigers and bears is prohibited by law,” he said, adding, “We will soon visit Prabesh’s home and decide what to do next.”

Source:The Himalayan Times, Gorkhapatra(20 Asad)

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Bandits attack passengers in Tanahun

Four persons were injured when armed bandits shot at passengers of a public bus today. The bandits, who had come in a gang of five, were travelling in the same bus and threatened the driver to stop the bus. When the driver refused to stop the bus, the bandits shot at the driver and three passengers were injured when they retaliated. Driver Chok Bahadur Gurung, 40, who was injured in the attack and is undergoing treatment in Gandaki Zonal Hospital in Pokhara and the three passengers are undergoing treatment in Nepal Army's No 3 Brigade in Khairenitar and are reported to be recuperating, police said. The bandits, who boarded the bus from Mugling,
robbed passengers by brandishing three pistols and a khukuri and later fled after the passengers
retaliated, the police said.

The bus was looted at Upper Dudadi on Damauli-Khairenitar section of Prithvi Highway at around 4.00 am, Police Inspector at the Tanahun district police office Gautam Mishra said. “One of the bandits also sustained injured when the passengers retaliated,” he quoted a passenger as saying. “A bullet of homemade pistol was recovered from the site,” Gautam said. Locals, bus drivers and helpers obstructed the Prithvi Highway for one-and-ahalf hour today to protest the incident. The bandits made away with Rs 150,000 in cash, jewelry and clothes from the passengers, police said, adding that search for the bandits have been launched.

source: the Himalayan times

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