Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tanahun Mohotsav Manung Hiking

Damauli Bazar From Manung

On a way

View of Shajhe from Manung

Thanks for sujan bro for providing these snaps.

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OBITUARY - Shree Bhadra Sharma passes away

Seasoned politician and former general secretary of the Nepali Congress Shree Bhadra Sharma Khanal passed away today. He was 83.

Sharma, who had been suffering from heart ailments for last few months, breathed his last at 4:30 pm at his private residence at Koteshwor. Sharma is survived by two daughters, Arati Shah and Aruna Regmi, and son, Ajaya Bhadra Khanal, editor of The Himalayan Times.

NC leaders, sympathisers and well-wishers paid their last respects to Sharma at the party headquarters at Sanepa in the evening. Late in the evening, Sharma was cremated at the Pashupati Aryaghat. His son Ajaya lit the funeral pyre.

NC leaders and politicians, who attended the cremation that began late at night, spoke highly of Sharma, who has also been associated with several social and not-for-profit organisations, including charities.

The NC headquarters issued a press release describing the demise of Sharma as an irreparable loss for the party. Founding member of the party Ram Hari Joshi, who has been friends with Sharma since 1949, remembered the former general secretary as a soft spoken, gentle, and eloquent person and a good orator.

NC leaders wrapped the party flags around the body of Sharma. Party vice presidents Gopal Man Shrestha and Prakash Man Singh and general secretary KB Gurung were among the prominent leaders to pay homage to the departed soul. Prominent leaders of several political parties and members of the civil society went to pay homage to the de parted soul.

Sharma, who had led western region armed rebellion when Nepali Congress waged war for democracy in the 1950's, was elected to parliament in 1960 general election from Tanahun. He also became the party general secretary in the same year. Sharma, one of the founders of the NC, was imprisoned several times during the Jayatu Sanskritam movement and was exiled during the Rana regime. He served as governor of Bandipur, Tanahun after the then NC Liberation Army captured it.

Sharma was imprisoned by the erstwhile royal regime for six years from 1961-67. In the past he also served as industries, commerce and general administration minister.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dr Bhattarai: Nobody can topple govt

Kantipur Report
TANAHUN, Jan 19 - Senior Unified CPN (Maoist) leader and Finance Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has warned that they would revolt if political parties tried to topple the government.

Speaking at a programme here on Sunday, Bhattarai said the Maoists would not remain silent if political parties prevented the government from doing people's works under any pretext.

"No one should dare topple the Maoist-led government since it has a clear mandate of the people," he said.

He also charged that some parties with feudal mindset had prevented government from working for the people time and time again.

"The former king was stripped of power as he went against people' wishes. Parties will face the same fate if they try to go against the people," he threatened.


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Sunday, January 11, 2009

People dancing in folk song in Tanahun Mahotsav

Source: The Himalayan Times

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Upbeat Nembang drives away statute-drafting deadline blues

Chairman of the constituent assembly, Subas Chandra Nembang today, said that the constitution would be drafted within the stipulated deadline.

Inaugurating the Tanahun Festival in Damauli, Nembang said, "The new constitution will be made public on May 28, 2010, in the presence of president Dr Ram Baran Yadav".

Saying that the process of drafting the new constitution had already begun, he stated that the schedule was already made public and the preparation of the concept papers had already been complete.

"We will move ahead after the selection of the chairpersons of the different committees in the CA," he said, claiming that the new constitution would be drafted without obstruction. He also claimed that the different ideologies of the political parties would not make any difference in the drafting of the new constitution. Urging people of all castes, ethnicities, religions and lingual communities to be united, he urged everyone to contribute in the drafting of the new constitution.

Meanwhile speaking of the festival he said such events would contribute towards the economic, social, cultural and development sectors by uniting people. The festival will go on for 10 days.

Source: The himalayan times

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Friday, January 9, 2009

तनहुँको सदरमुकाम दमौलीमा आजदेखि दोस्रो तनहुँ महोत्सव शुरु

तनहुँको सदरमुकाम दमौलीमा आजदेखि दोस्रो तनहुँ महोत्सव शुरु भएको छ । महोत्सवको उदघाटन संविधानसभाका अध्यक्ष सुवास नेम्वाङले गर्नुभयो । तनहँु महोत्सव हाम्रो आधार, आर्थिक सामाजिक विकासको पूवाधार भन्ने मूल नाराका साथ शुरु भएको महोत्सवका मुख्य आकर्षाहरुमा कृषि प्रदर्शनी, हस्तकला प्रदर्शनी, साँस्कृतिक प्रदर्शनी, धार्मिक एवं ऐतिहासिक स्थलको प्रवर्द्धन, सेतीमादी नदी जलविहार, लगायतका रहेका छन् । महोत्सवको अवलोकन स्वदेशी र विदेशी गरि करिव दुइ लाख पर्यटकले गर्ने विश्वास गरिएको छ । महोत्सव माघ पाँच गतेसम्म चल्ने छ ।।

source: Aveneus TV

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Traditional hosue in firfire, tanahun

Traditional house in firfire, tanahun. This house is made up of 61 years old traditional style. These type of house are also called "Ghumaune Ghar".

Soure: The Gorkhapatra Daily

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Jeep accident in Damauli

Source: The Kantipur Daily

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

अमेरिकी नागरिकद्वारा रकम प्रदान

हाम्रो तनहूँ
दमौली, २० पुस । व्यास नगरपालिका, वडा नं. १० स्थित शिवपाञ्चायन मन्दिर परिसरमा रहेको महषिर् वेदव्यास पुस्तकालयलाई अमेरिकी नागरिक साम ताम हमले धार्मिक पुस्तक खरिदका लागि रु.२२ हजार प्रदान गर्नुभएको छ ।
श्रीमतीका साथ आएका अमेरिकी नागरिक हमले पुस्तकालय अवलोकनपछि उक्त रकम प्रदान गर्नुभएको पुस्तकालयका संरक्षक काशीनाथ न्यौपानेले बताउनुभयो । सो पुस्तकालयमा १८ पुराण, चार वेद र हिन्दुदर्शनका विभिन्न पुस्तक गरी करिब रु.एक लाख ५० हजारको पुस्तक रहेका छन् ।

पुस्तकालयका नाममा रु.दुइ लाख ५० हजारको अक्षयकोष स्थापना गरिएको पनि बताइएको छ


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