Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bishownath Adhikari released after 34 days

Bishwonath Adhikari, Gajuri branch manager of Gramin Bikas Bank, was released today from Kabilas, Chitwan after 34 days in captivity.
Adhikari’s wife Shobha, along with relatives, human rights activists and lawyers found him at Jugedi Bridge on the Narayanghat-Muglin road section at 6:30 am covered with a yellow cloth with his limbs tied and mouth covered. He was taken to Bharatpur hospital for medical check-up. Doctors said his condition is normal. A terrified Adhikari has not spoken anything about the incident. Shobha said he wanted to meet his children and told her to take him home immediately. She added that he was in no condition to speak with the media.
Adhikari is a permanent resident of Ranigaun, Byas-3, Tanahun.
The police, however, was informed only after Adhikari was brought to the hospital. Meanwhile, a press release of Democratic Security Force (DSF), an organisation never heard of before, was discovered in the area where Adhikari was found.
The press release, signed by Baba Balaram, chairman of the organisation, mentions that Adhikari was kidnapped for investigative purposes — though it did not mention what was being probed — but he was being released due to deteriorating mental and physical health.
The force stated that it could not complete its investigation and the documents it had seized also could not be protected due to security concerns. The organisation has also stated that it will continue struggling for a Hindu state and the common people.
According to Shobha, the kidnappers had demanded Rs 5 lakhs ransom in the first week, but later they had gradually increased the amount to as much as Rs 40 lakhs. She added, “But they did not talk about ransom after we clarified that we could not pay such a large amount.”
A day after Adhikari was kidnapped from Dhading on May 23, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), accusing Gramin Bikas Bank of working illegally with Unity Life International (ULI), had dismissed the bank’s management committee and formed an ad hoc committee under the coordination of Rewati Prasad Nepal of NRB.
ULI had also renamed the bank Unity Bikas Bank without informing NRB, saying that it had purchased 52 per cent share from the bank.

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